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    Passion Is Born When You Catch A Glimpse Of Your True Potential.

    • Brain Gym

      An articulated combination of brain training techniques, games and musical thrill, can significantly accelerate their Focus, Memory, Confidence & Social skills

    • Stimulation

      Alpha-Theta music is what we use, to enhance their brain and its creative juice, there exist some superpowers inside that can showcase their might & be their pride

    • Profiling

      Born to sing or a writer at heart? A doctor or an engineer smart? DMIT, the cutting edge, discovers the strongest talents in your head

    • Counseling

      Trial and error is not for thee, save your time and watch how great they can be. We let you know, so you hone it best. Then move on to perfect the rest!

  • A unique tool to unfold the immanent strengths of your child!

    • Why?

      Trial and error is not for thee, save their time and watch how great they can be, DMIT, you’re cutting edge, brings out the genius talent that’s in their head!

    • How?

      Just a simple process:
      Step 1 – Discovers latent Talents
      Step 2 – Explores Multiple Intelligence
      Step 3 – Identifies Natural Learning & Thinking ability
      Step 4 – Academic & Career Counseling

    An experiential & engaging workshop for your lil ones to learn some fun brain training techniques & music that can shine their cognitive skills everyday.

    • Why

      • Improves Memory & Reading speed
      • Enhances Concentration
      • Stabilizes emotions & mood swings
      • Improves Confidence & Social Skills

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    Our program has specific dedicated classes
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  • In a one year follow-up, over 100 students have shown significant improvements in concentration, confidence, handwriting, reading and expression. 

    • Aptitude profiling
      Oshiwara, Andheri(w)
      • 04-50
        Age Group
      • Mon to Sat
    • Brain Hacking Workshop
      • 05-15
        Age Group
      • 18 & 19, 25 & 26 March
    • Brain Hacking Workshop
      • 05-15
        Age Group
      • 1 & 2, 8 & 9 April
    • Brain Hacking Workshop
      Versova / Colaba
      • 05-15
        Age Group
      • 15 & 16, 22 & 23 April
  • Things we are recognized for!

    • Make them challenge their cognitive skills
    • Identify their foremost intelligence
    • Bridge the generation gap between parents & children
    • Bring out the best in them to help them realize their calling
    • Positive learning environment for your child
    • Profiling

      Realize which intelligence can be your pride.

    • Brain Gym

      Games & techniques that tickle their Brain

    • Stimulation

      Let the music accelerate their brain.

    • Blindfold Reading

      Enhanced senses & intuition makes this a reality!

  • See Our Kids In Action!

  • Meet Our Team

    Educators specializing in early childhood care
  • Our team of certified counselors & trainers have diverse specializations but a single vision!

    Knowledgeable | Empathetic | Patient | Perseverant | Unbiased

    • Amanpreet Nagpal
      Special Counselor

      Qualified psychologist recognized for counseling children with clinical disorders and learning disabilities for over seven years. Undertakes self-help workshops for children, parents and teachers.

    • Shilpa V Agarrwal
      Lead Trainer

      A degree holder in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy and a certified Neuro Linguistic Programme coach specializing in Body Language Analysis & Mind Training.

    • Nisha
      Lead Trainer

      Qualified Dietitian by profession, also recognized as a Yoga and a Meditation teacher. She is our lead trainer having trained over 1500 children across India.

    • Suresh Kutty
      Lead Counsellor

      He has been entrusted with over 1000 counseling’s up till now. Recognized as a NLP Practitioner, Bio-well trainer and an Integrated Clinical Therapist.

    • It’s a very good platform for any kid to identify & channelise their potential in the right direction. The entire team is very helpful , creative and extremely patient. They are always there to listen, improve, work hard and deliver. Long way to go Team B’Brainiac! Wish you lots of success

      Manu Kashyap
    • What a wonderful concept. B’Brainiac gave me an opportunity to know and understand my child’s inborn skills and ways to further enhance them. I think as parents, we can never do enough but trying the B’Brainiac method would be a big step.

      Heena Gupta
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      57/58 New Link Plaza,
      Oshiwara link road,
      Jogeshwari (west),

    • Phone & E-mail

      Phone: 022-26394365
      Mobile: 091 67 076146

    • Business Hours

      Monday – Saturday
      10:00 am – 08:00 pm
      Sunday Closed

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      Saturday, 10 am – 4 pm
      Sunday, 10 am – 4 pm