About B’Brainiac

Our Story
  • We are a young startup in the cognitive development space incepted in November 2014.

    Think of us to be a gym for a child’s brain.

    We believe that a strong healthy mind is the key to a fuller life, so we develop programmes for children that identifies their innate talents & personality as well as trains their brain to become
    sharper,quicker and stronger.

    It is on the foundation of significant studies by renowned educators and researchers on human cognition that B’Brainaic has designed a programme for children to assess, challenge and enhance their cognitive, intellectual & social skills.

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  • Meet The Founder.

    Sarthak Agarwal,27,B.Sc Statistics, is the brain behind B’Brainiac! His belief in his ideas for child development and aspiration of helping children get sharper, quicker and confident is the vigor of our organisation. He endeavours to introduce brain games and workshops that evidently boost the cognitive,social and personal skillsets of our children for at least 10 yrs.

    • Amanpreet Nagpal
      Special Counselor

      Qualified psychologist recognized for counseling children with clinical disorders and learning disabilities for over seven years. Undertakes self-help workshops for children, parents and teachers.

    • Suresh Kutty
      Lead Counsellor

      He has been entrusted with over 1000 counseling’s up till now. Recognized as a NLP Practitioner, Bio-well trainer and an Integrated Clinical Therapist.

    • Eloise Rego

      She left a flourishing career in Human Resources in Dubai to give flight to her entrepreneurial dream. Her stellar experience in HR gives B’Brainiac the confidence of building a multicultural network. Called the glue that keeps the team together!

    • Bhumica Poovadan

      This Bio-Medical Engineer and a mother to two naughty kids carries an infectious aura! Always been the foremost customer & critic of all our products. Her plethora of parenting & engineering experience guides us to create products that bring realistic value to children.

    • Umme Hinglawala

      A proud mother of two brainiacs. The most warm and empathetic trainer among all.  A primary teacher and a NLP practitioner carrying a dream of helping children realize and exceed their potential in their early years which is much needed in this rapidly changing world.

    • Nisha
      Lead Trainer

      Qualified Dietitian by profession, but recognized as a Yoga and a Meditation teacher. Her experience in Cognitive enhancement coupled with her result driven approach makes her our lead and most impactful trainer. Has trained over 1500 children across India.

    • Shilpa V Agarrwal
      Lead Trainer

      A degree holder in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy and a certified Neuro Linguistic Programme coach specializing in Body Language Analysis & Mind Training. Recognized as an experienced trainer possessing a plethora of cognitive enhancement activities for children.

    • Lubaina Arsiwala

      Currently, a senior secondary teacher at a school in Mumbai. Former teacher of ‘The Tree House’ and ‘Fastrackids.’
      Her teaching style is engaging, crisp and impactful. An extremely quick learner and is one of those educators who is always seeking new & better methods of teaching.

  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?