Brain Stimulation Workshop

Cognitive enhancement Workshop
  • ‘In a one year follow-up, over 100 students have shown significant improvements in concentration, confidence, handwriting, reading and expression ‘

  • mom

    Understanding a parent’s need:

    Parents connect with us seeking an experiential activity for their child that is fun, engaging, interactive and extremely beneficial to enhance their child’s:

    • Focus
    • State of mind
    • Confidence
    • Self Esteem
    • Social Skills
    • Memory
    • Handwriting

  • Providing our workshop as a solution

    We suggest our Brain Stimulation Workshop alias Cognitive Enhancement Workshop which is essential for intellectual, social and personal development in children between the age of 5 & 15.


  • yesmom

    First, we show a few videos to help them understand the workshop in a nutshell. Second, we explain the objective, process and impact of each and every activity covered in the video.

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  • Explaining the Long term Benefits.

    We understand that Parents are always looking for activities that have a long term implication on the child. We think of the same hence confident to suggest our workshop.

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  • form

    Duration of the workshop?

    It takes 1-3 months to see impressive improvements. During the academic year, our workshops are scheduled 0for three months over the weekends only and during holiday season, we conduct them over weekdays and weekends

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  • Registration

    Interested parents immediately enroll their children for the next workshop available around them



  • drjr

    First change noticed by Parents

    Most parents are amazed on the 2nd day of the workshop itself when they see their own children sensing flashcards blindfolded. Then realization dawns upon many that a child’s mind carries unthinkable potential. That is when the positive changes begin.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

    Nothing good can sustain without practice! Trainers at the workshop demonstrate the daily practice to be followed at home for at least 3 months



  • drjr

    We are always with you

    We do not leave any student until the parents confirm noticing the improvements they wished to see from our first interaction. Students attend three follow up sessions within 3 months of their workshop. More follow up sessions are provided for free to students who need it. Progress observed by parents and trainers from home practice sessions and workshop follow up sessions respectively is recorded each month. We are known to attend to each child personally as long as the child & the parent have faith in us and our practices.

  • Improvements eventually noticed

    Within a month or two of consistent practice, most parents have noticed slight or dramatic improvements in handwriting, concentration, confidence, attitude, temper, memory and social skills.
    Mission Accomplished ☺



    • After receiving several complaints from his school for his concentration & distraction caused in the class, we went in for their workshop. Within a week of practice, we did notice a dramatic change in his attention span. His speed of completing assignments improved remarkably. Happy to follow their everyday practice schedule.

      Krishnamurthy Kopparapu
      Father of Srinivasan
    • Many thanks to this team who has genuinely helped me understand my children. Concentration level has improved a lot and their classes have been thoroughly enjoyed by my kids. Every time they have a workshop or a follow up session, my kids want to go back to it as their entire team is very friendly & warm. I thank the team to have filled my kids with joy.

      Kalpana Khandelwal
      Mother of Hemant & Kanupriya
    • It was a wonderful experience. I have gotten a good insight about my child. The profiling helped me understand how my child reacts to her surrounding and vice versa. The concept of B’Brainiac is a great step to connect parents with their children in today’s world. Thank you very much to the B’Brainiac team for the support.

      Hafiza Shaikh
    • This workshop is damn good for children and I highly recommend this to all the parents. It was incredible to see Youmna & Ahaad do blindfold reading after just 2 weeks of training. Incredible discovery of a latent power!

      Nadeem Shaikh
      Father of Ahaad & Youmna
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