Multiple Intelligence Test

  • “Many highly brilliant, creative people think they’re not because the thing we were good at school wasn’t valued or was stigmatized”

    - Sir Ken Robinson”
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    Parents connect with us to learn what should they do to:

    • Bring out the best in their child
    • Be their child’s best friend & teacher
    • Find their field of excellence
    • Progress in their personal careers
    • Enhance interpersonal relationships

  • We understand and suggest the following steps that are crucial and primary to achieve any of the above

    • Know Yourselves & Know Your Child in depth
    • Learn ‘how they are intelligent’ rather than figuring out ‘how intelligent are they’
    • Expose them to the world in a way they understand best rather than imposing the best way (in your opinion) onto them


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    Parents, in agreement, are intrigued to know the best tool available to do so.

  • We suggest our Mulitple Intelligence Test alias DMIT that identifies their child’s & their own innate talent, intelligence, skills, comfort zone, weaknesses, learning ability, thought process & character traits. This differentiates one’s acquired strengths & personality from his natural strengths & personality.

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  • form

    Parents sign up for the test & B’Brainiac records all 10 fingerprints of the child/parent to begin the analysis

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  • The Reports of the study are shared with the family (only adults) & the counselor within 2 working days

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  • session

    Parents meet with our counselor with their reports for an elaborate & a personalized counseling session in our office at a time mutually convenient to both

  • Counselor customizes a road map suggesting the most suitable methods for development in extra-curricular activities, education, career & relationships.

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    Parents gain crystal clear clarity on how to utilize their core strengths & intelligence to achieve excellence in life.

    • After receiving several complaints from his school for his concentration & distraction caused in the class, we went in for their workshop. Within a week of practice, we did notice a dramatic change in his attention span. His speed of completing assignments improved remarkably. Happy to follow their everyday practice schedule.

      Krishnamurthy Kopparapu
      Father of Srinivasan
    • Many thanks to this team who has genuinely helped me understand my children. Concentration level has improved a lot and their classes have been thoroughly enjoyed by my kids. Every time they have a workshop or a follow up session, my kids want to go back to it as their entire team is very friendly & warm. I thank the team to have filled my kids with joy.

      Kalpana Khandelwal
      Mother of Hemant & Kanupriya
    • It was a wonderful experience. I have gotten a good insight about my child. The profiling helped me understand how my child reacts to her surrounding and vice versa. The concept of B’Brainiac is a great step to connect parents with their children in today’s world. Thank you very much to the B’Brainiac team for the support.

      Hafiza Shaikh
    • This workshop is damn good for children and I highly recommend this to all the parents. It was incredible to see Youmna & Ahaad do blindfold reading after just 2 weeks of training. Incredible discovery of a latent power!

      Nadeem Shaikh
      Father of Ahaad & Youmna
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      Mostaf Najafi, MD

      Adekoya, K.O.


      Prof. Dr. H. K. Kumbnani