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  • “COGNITIVE ENHANCEMENT” workshop is an activity explicitly designed to hone cognitive & soft skill abilities in children.  Well articulated combination of brain games, memory & speed reading techniques and binaural beats is what makes the workshop essential for children.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    What is this workshop about?

    The “COGNITIVE ENHANCEMENT” workshop is an activity explicitly designed to hone the learning ability in children, based on studies done by several educators on the way the brain functions.
    The objective of this workshop is to achieve the following results in children via various brain games, brain gym, ambidexterity and music (Binaural beats /Brainwaves).
    Increase Right Brain Intelligence
    Develop acute concentration
    Tap intuition
    Stimulate and foster Sensory Perception
    Develop long term or photographic memory
    Develop the ability of blindfold reading

    What is the Process/Flow of the workshop?

    In the course of the workshop, children will be exposed to a unique combination of brain games and brain music designed to exercise their whole brain, through accelerated stimulation of neuro-hormones and neurotransmitters like dopamine, to develop and strengthen neural pathways in both the hemispheres of the brain thereby making their brain more learnable, alert and quick.
    1 session is for 3 hours
    A workshop consists of 8 such sessions
    8 sessions are covered in 4 days over 2 weekends (6 hours each)
    Binaural beats or Alpha & Theta brain waves are an essential of our workshop which stimulates the brain in the alpha or relaxed state of mind.
    There are 3 follow up sessions spanned over a period of 3 months just after the workshop, as it is a necessity for the child to benefit in every way possible.

    What are the activities conducted at the workshop?

    Ambidexterity (Left Hand – Right Hand Coordination)
    Activity: Use both hands simultaneously to do actions opposite in nature.
    Objective: To exercise the neurons and strengthen the neural pathways in both hemispheres of the brain to create a fine balance between them.
    Eye Gym
    Activity: Exercise of eyeballs through visual training
    Objective: To increase concentration and alertness.
    Brain Gym
    Activity: Massaging certain points in the body to stimulate the brain along with a soft dance.
    Objective: To stimulate both hemispheres and increase blood circulation.
    Activity: In this activity, children are made to visualize a story voiced over by the trainer with their eyes shut.
    Objective: The process of visualization helps to gather thoughts, relax the mind and crystallizes imagination of images, words, sounds, sensations, smells or a combination of all, thus stimulating those lobes accordingly.
    Spatial Orientation
    Activity: Spot the difference between two identical looking pictures, spot the inconspicuous elements in a picture.
    Objective: To enhance visual observation
    Binaural beats (Alpha -Theta sound waves)
    Activity: A scientific beat music of alpha-theta frequency is played while children lay in a relaxed state.
    An effect for sound-induced brain synchronization is enhanced learning ability
    It was proposed in the 1970’s that induced alpha brain waves enabled students to assimilate more information with greater long-term retention.
    In more recent times has come more understanding of the role of theta brain waves in behavioral learning.
    Blindfold Reading
    Activity: After the music session, children are made to identify cards blindfolded using their remaining four senses along with the activated sixth sense “Intuition”.
    Objective: The practice of blindfold reading is an exercise meant to foster sensory perception, develop intuition and enhance attention.
    Amusingly, over 80% of the children in the workshop are able to do this successfully.

    What are the immediate benefits?

    Extraordinary increased in virtual capacity of the brain to grasp and retain information
    Strong, spacious, stable, healthy, swift, positive and most importantly, able to establish the holistic state of mind
    Better athletic ability
    Concentration, Increase Reading Speed, Better Creativity, Developed Senses & Improved Emotional Stability
    Can significantly improve the performance in academics

    What is the qualification of the instructors?

    A: Our Instructors come from various backgrounds such as education, public relations and psychology. All of them are trained according to the training guideline set by our principal in Gujarat and they have prior experience in working with children too.

    Will the child get a headache or feel mentally exhausted after the workshop?

    There are some children (less than 5%) who are not used to the vigorous brain exercises and hence they may experience dizziness or ‘tired brain’ after the Workshop. Hypothetically, a body that seldom exercises will experience fatigue and even muscle pain after vigorous physical activities. There goes the same to our brain. However these minor symptoms are only temporary and it will not affect the child.

    What proof or evidence do you have to show that the workshop is effective?

    At the end of the four day workshop – or even earlier, your child might be able to identify colours blindfolded and sometimes even pictures and alphabets.
    How can a child see Blindfolded after the workshop?
    After stimulation, each child will have different intuition or radar capability, related with closed eyes capability. Those children with good receptivity will normally have strong enough radar, despite one being a beginner. On the contrary, for children who are less cooperative, usually the radar is weak, and this supposed to be practiced every day at home, or to join another activation schedule. A child successfully undergone activation normally has various kinds of sensation resulted from his already active intuition.

    Why let your child learn blind-fold reading method when they can read using their eyes?

    The practice of blindfold reading is an exercise meant to foster sensory perception, develop intuition and enhance attention. When a child is blindfolded, he (gender neutral) uses all the other 5 senses (including intuition) to identify the object before him. Also, indefinitely they use their entire focus only on being able to identify the object some way or the other which by inevitable increases his attention & concentration.

    How can a Four-Day Workshop be sufficient?

    It is not enough! Beta & Cognitive music files given at the end of the first weekend have to be heard every week in an alternative pattern for minimum 6 months along with the brain coordination exercises (brain gym and ambidexterity)

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